Sibel Edmonds: 9/11 & The Turkish Spy Scandal

"For years and years, information and evidence being collected by the counterintelligence operations of certain U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies has been prevented from being transferred to criminal and narcotics divisions, and from being shared with the Drug Enforcement Agency and others with prosecutorial power. Those with direct knowledge have been prevented from making this information available and public by various gag orders and invocation of the State Secrets Privilege. Why?

"Is this due to the fact that the existence and survival of many U.S. allies; Turkey, almost all Central Asian nations, and after the September Eleven attack, Afghanistan; greatly depend on cultivating, processing, transporting, and distributing these illegal substances? Is it caused by the fact that a major source of income for those who procure U.S. weapons and technology, our military industrial complex’s bread and butter, is being generated from this illegal production and illegal dealings? Or, is it the fear of exposing our own financial institutions, lobbying firms, and certain elected and appointed officials, as beneficiaries? ........

".....The foreign influence, the lobbyists, the current highly positioned civil servants who are determined future ‘wanna be’ lobbyists, and the fat cats of the Military Industrial Complex, operate successfully under the radar, with unlimited reach and power, with no scrutiny, while selling your interests, benefiting from your tax money, and serving the highest bidders regardless of what or who they may be. This deep state seems to operate at all levels of our government...."

--Sibel Edmonds November 2006 (complete text) This page is under construction. Thanks for stopping by.
One case I find especially interesting is that of FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, who stumbled on a number of shady things deep in the FBI in the days after 9/11. This is a special page (under construction) about Edmonds' case, including interesting bits and pieces, as well as reposted interviews, legal documents and some analysis of the potentially explosive case that could finally spill into public view in 2007.


Also note that I put quite a few stories onto this list that are not primarily about Sibel Edmonds. Instead they are just usually paragraph-sized asides in larger posts. In those I have tried to add the Sibel story icon near the part that is pertinent.

Thanks for stopping by. I will have a summary of the case, and more links, shortly.

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