Statecraft Horrorshow! Wikileaks State Department Leakin Loose Top Sekrits PKK US sponsoring of terrorism to moaning about the French, what's next?

Ahk a quick link dump here. Wikileaks is expected to drop the big diplomatic cables starting with Der Spiegel . There's a new Wikileaks blog out there - Assange talked to some Arab reporters over videochat so apparently the fuzz hasn't gotten him yet. 2010-11-28: ARIJ Conference | WL Central . Livebloggin from teh france too ..

Maybe all launches here around 2200 GermanyTime? International - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten

Wikileaks: The gathering storm - leaks leave US with few friends - News

WikiLeaks And Its Brave New World - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty © 2010 - from the CIA

IB Times to publish papers on global corruption - nice framing :)

McClatchy - Diplomats bracing!

j|turn » Next Up: The “War on Journalism”? - crackdown time, you know they are seizing domains these days! RawStory - Homeland Security

For more info see! Watch out all yr DNS belong to Homeland Security New IPR Rap Forum Fusion Center! I gotta throw this in:


It looks like PKK Turkish /Kurdish militants going to get spilled out. The long running Ergenekon Deep State Network and the likes of corrupt ex-State operative Marc Grossman exposed in all their perfidy? We could hope... But how many hilarious new drug conspiracies?

Australian -

BBC cautious nibbles

The UK D-Notice is a show all its own! Statecraft Horrorshow! Guido Fawkes blog with DNotice Email is Hilarious!

Sunday Telegraph UK Floats this Theory:

The Sunday Telegraph has learnt that the first tranche of documents, to be published in full tomorrow after an initial release tonight, are expected to feature "lively commentaries" by US diplomats on world leaders, including Nelson Mandela, Robert Mugabe, the Zimbabwean president, Hamid Karzai, the president of Afghanistan, and Libya's Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Libya.

Coalition sources say Tuesday's haul will deal with North and South Korea, as well as Guantánamo Bay, while Wednesday's tranche will include comments on Pakistan and counter-piracy operations in Djibouti.

Thursday will see attention focus on the Canadians and their "inferiority complex" while corruption allegations in Afghanistan will be under the spotlight on Friday. Saturday will cover Yemen while next Sunday will see the focus shift to China.

Video: Alex Jones vs. Wikileaks. Why does Alex Jones attack Wikileaks? : conspiracy

MORE FUN STUFF for the moment....

Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: To Ireland With Love

Many countries researching Killer Robots.

Federal False Flag Somali Bombing "attempt" in Portland: Another great moment in synthetic terrorism NY Times official narrative.   / Feds: Sting snares man planning to bomb tree-lighting ceremony | / YouTube - "F.B.I. Cultivated Him For 18 Months" // has the goods from the Pennsylvania Security bulletin data. file = here // Ruffalo on terror watch list | Celebrities | Entertainment | Toronto Sun

lol pitchfork media

why not buy a mac?

Silence Jesse FeMACamp episode? Jesse Ventura’s “Police State” Episode featuring Alex Jones and “We Are Change” Edited out of existence at truTV | We Are Change / forum

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : BP oil spill incident commander dies in small plane crash in FL - More children from Gulf with health problems — “Big, gaping wounds all over feet and inside of elbows” (VIDEO) | Florida Oil Spill Law

A Double POMO Fed Quantitative Ceremonial Magic is scheduled too!


As for this messy post, sorry - Data Dumps: The Bane of E-Discovery — Slaw :-D .... Let the Cables Begin! Drupal 6 Test Server featuring New Theme Switcher!

Hey all, if you're interested, check out for a new Drupal 6.0 test server, with lots of themes and some modules to doodle around with. Not bad!

I haven't set up good levels of permissions yet, but please send me an email and I will grant most anyone I know admin access on Deep6 for testing purposes.

However I have just filed my first official D6 bug report: Fatal error memory exhausted on Modules admin screen | No idea where that one is coming from.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Bleck! G5 still hosed up; it's in Apple's hands now

Well that whole "I fixed it" thing lasted until the next morning. It seemed ok, I put it to sleep. Next morning I pulled it up and got about 4 browser windows open. It locked up with a weird hi-pitched whine and I had to shut it off. Then I couldn't get it back up again, even when rebooting with PRAM / PMU zaps.

I am really lucky that it's still under the extended AppleCare warranty so I will be able to get it (and the bum original DVD drive) fixed or replaced free.

Fortunately the Apple Store genius guy was able to deduce that it worked in Target disk mode, hence the motherboard is probably not fried. But without any monitor displaying, it seems that the video card is most likely fried.

While I definitely put the G5 through its paces, I don't think much of anything really happened to physically damage it. (that's the big difference between laptops and desktops, for real)

Three lessons: A) Back up your damn data (I'm all worried right now because I didn't do that recently)
B) Get the extended warranty
C) Should probably get an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) battery - that might have kept the components in better shape.

We'll get back into real posts later. Damn I am feeling antisocial these days. I should get the fuck away from all computers and towards beer and barbecue, eh?

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