Let them eat cake! Republican State Representative Mary Franson in district filled with poor kids declares feeding poor people with food stamps == feeding wild animals

IN an astoundingly offensive display of casual Malthusian freestyling, Representative Mary Franson compared supporting poor people with food stamps to feeding wild animals.

The Republicans pulled the YouTube once the magnitude of their irresponsibility hit the intertubes. But the usual suspects didn't bother to download a copy, so as a service to political journalism and lulz we are mirroring the censored Malthusian Republican video here, courtesy of Sally Jo Sorensen @ Bluestemprairie. (QT 480x360 h264/AAC 9.6MB)

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Last week, we worked on some welfare reform bills.

And here, it's kind of ironic, I'll read you this little funny clipped that we got from a friend. It says, 'Is't it ironic that the food stamp program, part of the Department of Agriculture, is pleased to be distributing the greatest amount of food stamps ever.

Meanwhile, the Park Service, also part of the Department of Agriculture, asks us to please not feed the animals, because the animals may grow dependent and not learn to take care of themselves.

Our reform bills are meant to bring people up out of the clutches of poverty. We want to provide a safety net, no longer a safety hammock. In one of the bills Representative Kurt Daudt authored would reduce the amount of time that you could stay on welfare from five years to three years.

In three years I believe that we can get Minnesota's poorest of the poor back up on their feet and moving more toward a prosperous future.

For more info see Bluestem post: "Heartless in the heartland."

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