Disgusting attorneys blame The Marijuana for Philando Castile's death as War on Drugs charade continues

The war on drugs continues to form a major pillar of state violence in America. I am glad Massachusetts is suspending cannabis prohibition less than two hours from now! But it is bittersweet.

I think of all the families ripped apart by sanctimonious, thuggish government agents, attorneys and judges because they believe, or at least pretend, that modes of consciousness tilted by chemicals are more of a danger than rupturing the social fabric with their program that was intended as a racist spear from the very beginning.

I think of all their coverups and lies, their sealed transcripts, their paid informants, their aircraft shell companies, hapless peripheral people socked with 20+ year sentences. The kids raised in rough streets, parents stripped by the State, school to prison pipeline, CCA prison profits.

I think of all the people addicted to heroin and crack cocaine transported by CIA-aligned networks since Dulles & OSS helped Chennault's Flying Tigers protect Chiang Kai-Shek's geopolitical interests. Heroin is still cheap as hell in this region, and banks are always able to smoothly continue money flows without netting any criminal charges.

I think of Gary Webb and the San Jose Mercury News, which protected him and then folded under "fake news" accusations from agency-friendly organs like the Washington Post, driving him ultimately to suicide, for daring to expose Iran-Contra. (In 2012 when we exposed the DRE program was drugging people in Minneapolis, of course only the "fake news" outlets would touch the story for weeks.)

And tonight I think of Philando Castile, now slandered in death by sleazy attorneys who blame what else, The Marijuanas, for somehow inciting Falcon Heights PD to kill him.

And I think of the slimy DoJ coverup specialists, who will paper over all of this for the benefit of the law enforcement and intelligence "communities" [sic], as they have for almost a century. They will never find the money, they will never hit the big guys. They are there to make sure that addiction is converted into cash, dropped into Wall Street. And not a damn thing more. They are all hiding, sniveling cowards, they cannot face real questions because they have no answers. The takedown of this bitter monster must continue.

Attorneys for officer claim Castile was high on marijuana, not responsive to commands (Star Tribune, December 14th 2016)

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