Fear and Loathing 2016: "STEIN and BARAKA"

Let's all hold hands for a moment. After fear & loathing, I will vote for "STEIN and BARAKA" on the 2016 Massachusetts Ballot. Mass is hostile to minor parties & I want to support expanded choices, but I do not support parts of Green platform & positions.

Your decisions, to participate in this thing, if they let you, or to decline, are your own. I hope we can still be friends. If I were in a different state or life, I might not choose this. I doubt the idea that voting is an 'ethical act'. Tactical, sometimes yes. Ethical?

Did you notice intelligence agencies have already taken over this election? Feuding, leaking securocrats, the same Beltway/NoVA crowd that propagandized America into Iraq, are falsely portrayed as more important and credible than the public. Vote all you want; they will continue to gather power.

Support for Palestinian dignity is an important litmus test which the Democrats have failed on. Generally US politicians treat peoples like Palestinians, Haitians, American Indians and other people facing massive disadvantages in similar ways.

Is the core function of government merely enforcing violent and abusive claims against Indigenous people, stealing their land through fraudulent land title and currency systems, whether in Standing Rock/North Dakota or West Bank/Palestine?

Is the Blood in the Elevator the core of political science? Is the whole government just a system of violence assuring itself through hallucinated concepts and performative utterances that it all adds up?

[Specifically I do not agree with the Green Party platform backing the criminalization of sex workers, nor with Baraka's view on Syrian elections, nor the Green Party's amiability in some instances with far-right bigoted forces. I totally understand why anyone would refuse to support Greens over matters like this, but I want future Greens to have a ballot line in this state.]

The future is still unwritten, the book is not yet closed. Let the Pixies play us out...

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