New Filez! BuStEd: I sense Astroturfing in the Occupy! UAW social media plan posted for "99% Spring" electioneering schema

BuStEd: I sense Astroturfing in the Occupy! ~ LEAKED FILEZ! Got a nice tip. Pass it along, its all on the google!

A bunch of groups which are mostly dedicated to Democratic electioneering are doing a "99% Spring" campaign soon. This is no secret, but the files inadvertently left open on on the UAW site are useful to understand what is going on. Presumably this is partially about deflecting popular anger from Democrats thru the usual electoral fiefdom system. The upside is it appears these groups are at least becoming marginally more radical to remain relevant. It's probably good they are getting people out of the house to do some CD trainings, but how much this comes down to electioneering for the Dems while wrapping Occupy imagery around "the project" is at least one of the main questions.

this page is access controlled now but the google cache shows it was open at least as late as Feb. 16th -- the page was apparently Which gave google the URL for these static files on their site. I know its a pain to access-control the main drupal file folder once its already set up, which is why these URLS still work LOL:: ^ has embedded fancy flier art and facebook/twitter instructions
^ i think this is the same as the thing posted at

The hashtag for this project is #99spring . prepare yrself [facepalm].

the last PDF names the names, this release is public news last week but not really making big waves yet I think.

Jobs With Justice, Sarita Gupta United Auto Workers, Bob King National Peoples Action, George Goehl National Domestic Workers Alliance, Ai-jen Poo, Justin Ruben New Organizing Institute, Joy Cushman & Judith Freeman Movement Strategy Center, Liz Butler The Other 98%, John Sellers Service Employees International Union, Mary Kay Henry Rebuild the Dream, Van Jones and Natalie Foster Color of Change, Rashad Robinson UNITE-HERE, John Wilhelm Greenpeace, Phil Radford Institute for Policy Studies, John Cavanaugh PICO National Network, Scott Reed New Bottom Line, Tracy Van Slyke and Ilana Berger United Steel Workers, Leo Gerard Working Families Party, Daniel Cantor Communications Workers of America, Larry Cohen United States Student Association, Victor Sanchez Jr. National Education Association, John C. Stocks Rainforest Action Network, Becky Tarbotton American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten Leadership Center for the Common Good, Brian Kettenring UNITY, Randy Jackson National Guestworker Alliance, SaketSoni, Bill McKibben and May Boeve The Ruckus Society, Sharon Lungo and Megan Swoboda Citizen Engagement Lab, James Rucker and Ian Inaba smartMeme Strategy & Training Project, Patrick Reinsborough Right to the City Alliance, Rachel LaForest Pushback Network, Brigid Flaherty Progressive Democrats of America, Tim Carpenter Change to Win, Bob Callahan Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, Michael Leon Guerrero Campaign for America’s Future, Roger Hickey Fuse Washington, Aaron Ostrom Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment, Jeff Ordower Citizen Action of New York, Karen Scharff Engage, Marianne Manilov United Electrical Workers Union, Bruce Klipple National Day Laborers Organizing Network, Pablo Alvarado Alliance for a Just Society, LeeAnn Hall The Partnership for Working Families, Leslie Moody United Students Against Sweatshops, Teresa Cheng

Anyway here comes the astroturf brigade? Or are these people more vulnerable than the average consultant to radicalization?

Culture Jam Co-optation? For Lulz and Profit!

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