Support Global and the Minneapolis production team!

Heyo... so unexpectedly I've dedicated the vast majority of my time in the last 22 days to the Occupy Wall Street phenom and specifically editing the video stream for Global Revolution TV.

For about a year until August, I worked at an Internet startup which abruptly laid me off, owing a bunch of back wages to me and leaving me with a lot of old bills including a big one for electricity. I've set aside seeking other employment while working on building the OWS movement, and built up a production team here in Minneapolis. Using the PayPal button below you can contribute directly to the Minneapolis production team branch of GlobalRevolution.

This is NOT the OccupyMN media team, or the main account for GlobalRevolution. This is just a direct PayPal account to support our expenses including rent and the aforementioned late bills.

If you recognize that I have put a good and relatively consistent front-facing effort on the livestream as well as the greater Internets, it would be awesome if you can help me kill off my bills by making a contribution to the Minneapolis production team of GlobalRevolution.TV. Thank you for tolerating this pitch for money -- your patience and support is much appreciated!
--Dan Feidt, yr stalwart GlobalRevLive editor/producer/coordinator/troubleshooter/lolcat

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