Epic European Royalty Water-Stealin 'World Society' with Saint Lazare Foundation & Saint Lazare Investment aspires to become biggest global water owner - Feelin Thirsty?

The World Society - Definitely not a New World Order Water Corporation?
or - All yr water are belong to
Military and Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus!


[Update: Hi Rense.com visitors - plz also checkout my exposure {Video } of Northcom's main plan for emergency domestic military control, CONPLAN 3502, busted wide open! (as seen on cryptome, people dig it)] and video of locally FBI raided peace activists in criminal intel cmte this week]
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I wonder if these people are having a conspiracy against Lake Superior!!

Apparently Jesse Ventura has really knocked around a horrible situation - Nestle plant exporting tons of water from Michigan's aquifer. T Boone Pickens to be exposed grabbing the critical Ogallala Aquifer. West Bank settlements are oftentimes over aquifers (lookin at you Ariel). As Ventura I think will address, Bush family's giant South American 'ranch' is not only excellent for staging border drug ops, but apparently it's on another crucial giant aquifer!

The episode this weekend also looks at radioactive crud in Texas water supply (uranium hexafluoride -> U ore // fluoride tailing -> flouridated water) Probably. Shocking!

So there is a huge conquest for water due probably about 15 years after Peak Oil tail gets 'bumpy' and probably a ton more water would be needed for agriculture? We also had in Minnesota an extensive shady PR operation to keep the movie about Mississippi pollution off the air.

...Anyway Ventura's producer Michael Braverman was on ye ol Alex Jones show and dropped that they couldn't post on the air about the 'Saint Lazare Foundation' (not lazard) which is apparently running a foundation, an investment branch with a maniacal goal of capturing all water resources. There is also a bizarre chintzy website for The World Society which I think will get scrubbed here as some of the other material has. Some things are still on Bing that have disappeared off Google.

This is *hilarious* - this operation is officially the smallest remaining 11th-century based order descended from Christian Crusaders. It's like the Order of the Garter kind of... So in theory the usual suspects could buy up all the rest of the damn water once the world has been spoilt with nanites and GMO beetlecorn or whatever.

The World Society has a patently crazy and wonderful website going on, don't miss it!!! There are Three Levels of the World Society, like any neoplatonists, Gold, Silver and Bronze, and at the gold level you obtain "A shareholding in Saint Lazare Investment" which is apparently the Water Company of the New World Order. Nice!

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SILVER beyotch! http://theworldsociety.org/silver2.html

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Bronze http://www.theworldsociety.org/bronze1.html

It is reserved for an international elite who are aware of the issues for the future concerning water.

I like this idea: "Entry fee and Subscription according to the circle". Do they mean Le Cercle, the postwar neo-Gaulist European/Atlantic intrigue network? Just kidding.

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Secure portal! http://www.theworldsociety.org/secure/Bronze

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You cannot make this stuff up!! http://www.theworldsociety.org/object.html

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So What is the Saint Lazare Foundation? It seems to be a spinoff related to the Military and Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus, who are in fact the Knights Of Malta Like Cubed or something. Descended from the Crusaders!


This is Deputy Commander Geoff Fosberry, appointed Grand Chancellor Emeritus of the Order of St Lazarus. I swear I am not making this up. http://aftermathnews.wordpress.com/2008/10/13/military-and-hospitaller-order-of-st-lazarus-initiates-new-grand-master/


Now this looks like a guy that can get things done with Berlusconi's P2 freemason buddies. Straight up Grand Prior of England & Wales: The Rt. Hon. the Earl Ferrers PC GCLJ GCrLJ DL . Nice!


THis is Charles Philippe Duke of Anjou who is going to get all the water. If I were to guess what is going on with the takedowns/ web content changes, the old URL of funny material now goes to this guy's flashy personal page. Say what you will about America but we do not have people like this around.


Wiki sez he's actually a French prince. They exist? Damn... here's the deets.

Order of St. Lazarus

In 2004, Prince Charles-Philippe was elected Grand Master of a branch of the Military and Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem, an Order of Chivalry that claims to date back to the 11th century Crusades. Prince Charles-Philippe’s acceptance of this role placed the Order under the sanction of a dynastic prince of the House of Orléans, in what is to be a continuation of a tradition established since the 13th century when The Order of St. Lazarus came under the protection of King Philippe le Bel. This affiliation continued over the ensuing centuries ended with the deposition of King Charles X, when a decree of King Louis-Philippe revoked royal protection of the diminishing remnant of the Order and made it illegal to wear the Order's decorations.

Prince Charles-Philippe's designation as "Grand Master of the Order of Saint Lazarus" is disputed by those Knights who remained loyal to his distant cousins, Francisco de Borbón y Escasany, Duke of Seville, and subsequently to Don Carlos Gereda de Borbón, Marquis de Almazàn, and the Melchite Catholic Patriarch Gregory III Laham, protector of the Order.

There is also a self-styled Order based in England that makes no claim to antiquity.

Charles-Philippe recently founded the St. Lazare Foundation, which has been financed by the World Society, an international think tank whose mission, inspired by the Count of Paris, is to explore solutions to the planet's future needs for potable water.

For personal reasons, Prince Charles-Phillippe has decided in March 2010 to step down from his position as Grand Master but to maintain his participation in the Order’s activities in the capacity of Grand Master Emeritus.


this mofo redirects to a 404 on the guy's own site. Probably the same IPs.


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On the other hand he only has 19 twitter followers. The Rabble has the upper hand here, Water Prince!

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This is just too much -- Nice work Ventura & Braverman! Videos:


I have a feeling that the World Society is not all it's cracked up to be. But it has such aspirations!

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