Turkish Neocon Conspiracy 1981 - Eagleburger Perle Wolfowitz

This is a pretty classic one. Turkey has suddenly passed big reforms as the nasty NATO-friendly military post-coup power structure gets knocked back a step. Ergenekon and the neocon network, etc etc. Perle and Wolfowitz, the creation of the American-Turkish Council came after this memo. Possibly best line is concern about an Armenian "niche" at the Holocaust Museum.

[More random docs getting posted @ scribd.com/hongpong including related Sibel Edmonds testimony, key deposition in the Ohio case Schmidt v Krikorian]

This doc was posted along with a story Wayne Madsen Report . September 15, 2010 -- United States laid ground for Ergenekon "Deep State" in Turkey - Wayne Madsen Report - excerpt:


WMR has discovered a formerly Secret document from the U.S. Department of State that confirms the United States not only supported the Turkish military coup that ousted the nation's democratically-elected government in 1980 but actively supported the military-imposed Turkish Constitution as "reformist." The citizens of Turkey recently voted in a referendum and approved 26 constitutional amendments that will transform Turkey into a democratic state without the threat of the military and national security state-affiliated judiciary trumping the power of the Parliament and the people. Neocons have condemned the referendum as a threat to secularism in Turkey and a move to an Islamic state. However, the neocons and their allies in Israel are concerned that a Mossad -and CIA-imposed Turkish "Deep State" has finally seen its power largely destroyed with the impending adoption of a new Turkish Constitution. The referendum, which passed with 58 percent of the vote, is a victory for the Justice and Development Party (AKP) of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Many of the roots of the creation of the most recent variant of the Turkish Deep State, known as Ergenekon, can be seen in the State Department policy paper dated September 5, 1981, and titled "USG Policy toward Turkey." When the State Department document was drafted, Turkey's military junta leader, General Kenan Evren, was drafting the present Turkish Constitution. The 1981 Turkish military draft Constitution's "reforms" were referred to in the State Department policy document's author Lawrence Eagleburger, the Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs: "It is too early to judge whether the fundamental GOT reforms, now in place or in prospect, will succeed." The document also talks about the "relief" provided to the United States by the 1980 military coup: "The military takeover of September 1980 brought temporary relief and for the moment broke the back of radical movements -- including pro-Islamic ones -- which had come to the fore in the 1970s."

Turkish Neocon Conspiracy 1981

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