Too many Toys for the Boys: incompetent counterintelligence lets sneeky Chinese run rampant in U.S. security systems

Lately it's become pretty clear that 'they' are running a lot of domestic surveillance and data mining schemes - a huge wasted effort that enriches contractors while making policymakers paranoid. In other words, it's the boondoggle from hell, the logical trap of building the biggest possible haystack in order to theoretically have all the needles.

A profitable venture, ominous, sexy, whatever gets these people off & convinces them it's real. I'm pretty sure Booz Allen Hamilton is making a ton of money on this. SAIC too. Anything to keep the contracts rolling.

Dumb, corrupt contractor ventures like MZM's Counterintelligence Field Activity (CIFA) and TALON will keep cropping up, and they have to get exposed and cut off from their juicy funding as rapidly as possible.

These systems have a voracious appetite for data, which, regardless of quality, gets spit out as 'actionable intelligence.'

Once they get these dumb Microsoft Fusion Centers set up, we're truly fucked because desk jockey chumps will be grepping everyone's email for keywords and then scurrying around. (Here's the google search from the Orwellian Hell coming soon to your state: the modular MS Fusion Center)

In one key juncture, the U.S. military bombed the shit out of Iraqi automobile repair shops because some Arabic keyword was like 'bomb' or something. This is what happens overseas: mindless machines spitting out shitty data leading to lots of pointless death.

Meanwhile, it's clear that via systems like MAIN CORE, all kinds of dumb things, including huge volumes of inaccurate data, get funneled into super-databases that they never tell the judges about. (the programming language to filter these illegal data inputs is called Hancock, by the way).

Whenever it feels like The Man or the various machines doing voice recognition against domestic communications are possibly running against me, I'd point out that the black boxes and/or interested agents that their systems totally suck.

Or rather: it's easy to spy on Americans. It takes some goddamn skill to keep foreign intelligence agencies from playing with all the toys, and even stealing the marbles.

I wish these people would leave us all alone, sure, but it's really even worse that their fancy gear is thoroughly penetrated by foreign intelligence agencies and miscellaneous bad actors. How lame is that?

One of the better tacks I've taken over the years on my website is how, for example, networks of foreign spies have manipulated America's intelligence pipelines and thus, the foreign policy. That's where many things, including the arms trade, the Sibel Edmonds scandal, and likely even 9/11, all really come around to.

(complaints about foreign actors can be directed to Marc Grossman, Richard Perle and the usual suspects... If anyone takes on the American Turkish Council, then we'll know someone actually gives a damn.)

Another fine example is how various Israeli firms are all over the telecommunications and DOJ wiretapping system, but at the same time they tend to leak the secret DOJ data out to their buddies among the Russian-Israeli mafia, as FOX News, of all places, documented to an absurd level of detail back in 2001. (i believe the choice wiretapping penetration is in part 3 or 4). Way to go Amdocs & Comverse Infosys.

In any case, everyone gets a piece of this action. So here's my message to the ELINT geniuses: kick the fucking Chinese hackers out of your shitty Wintel boxes (and counterfeit routers!, more) before you keep spying on us.

Because your dragnet is also catching all the competitive commercial data they want too. Sooo... please quit forking everything over to China. Thanks.

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Seriously, people. Is Panopticon Professionalism too much to ask!?!!

It's unconstitutional, but above all, it's an embarrassment.

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