What happened?!!

Sorry everyone, I got swamped with stuff going on and haven't had the time to knock out some blog posts. Sunday's big project during the April showers was to get ready to erase my main hard drive and get it ready for OS X 10.5.

I managed to consolidate my iTunes library by getting rid of a lot of duplicates, and 'consolidate' it onto one hard drive, which has never been done before. I fear that a few old free-floating Mp3s got chucked, but them's the breaks.

A lot of stuff got chucked, and I am pretty close to fitting everything on the main drive to where the music used to be. It was certainly an all-day project. Probably about 70% of the junk work is over with! I'm really looking forward to getting this beast onto 10.5, it'll be like a new machine!


Other than that, well in the world it's been one series of grim news after another.

And I don't feel like talking about it. It's finally getting nice outside and things are working out pretty well for me right now. As long as I get enough sleep and have a bit of luck, everything'll be fine?

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