9/11 bits: More on Rosie and other celeb 9/11 skeptics, BillO is into JFK conspiracies!?

All right then... I just want to note that I'm not some believer in all these theories, but I think there should be a fresh and complete investigation of the whole thing. It's funny how much material you find - and how many famous people just don't quite buy what the President sold us. While 9/11 skeptics see an approaching 'tipping point' of general public awareness, despite the increasing buzz I'm not optimistic that the Baby Boomer establishment is going to put themselves through such an examination. It's still fun to watch the media leap to barrages of personal attacks.

We all have to keep in mind that rational minds are inclined to invent explanations connecting disparate and unrelated events, and that's the basic seed of conspiracy theories. But at the same time, the Establishment has never been more eager to feed their own conspiracy theories to the public (WMDs in Iraq, Syrian machinations, etc...).

San Diego State University is holding a "Citizen's Grand Jury" about 9/11 on April 14.

Nashville songwriter and performer Dan Tyler has decided that 9/11 was shady! That page on PatriotsQuestion911.com has tons of comments from many notables who are at least skeptical of the official story, including indie rapper Immortal Technique, Ministry, Eminem, Ed Asner, Woody Harrelson, Mos Def, Robert Baer, Minnesota politicians Jesse Ventura and Mark Dayton, James Brolin, David Lynch, Richard Linklater, Antoine Fuqua, Aaron Russo, Sam Seder, Matthew Bellamy, Blink 182's Tom DeLonge, Slipknot's Corey Taylor, Gore Vidal, Robert Scheer, Ralph Nader, Jadakiss, and even CNN's Lou Dobbs and A.J. Hammer! That's quite a list!

Teh Lol For Conspiratorial country music - I am just waiting for the song version of this from songsmith Tyler:

"The importance of the 9/11 truth movement cannot be overstated. Like me, millions of patriotic Americans question the official explanation of the attacks. The questions and the number of citizens asking them will increase until a tipping point is reached and a new, aggressive investigation initiated.

From this new inquiry truths will emerge which will shake this country to its foundations and, hopefully, restore our constitutional democracy. Until that happy day arrives, however, the powerful forces aligned against 9/11 truth will fight with fury and abandon. We must be strong and resolute and take inspiration from apostles of peace like Gandhi and King. At the most basic level, the struggle is love versus fear.

As a Christian, I pray we are witnessing the last days of the corporate imperial war machine, which, desperate for new battles and the energy resources to power itself, finally went too far and self-destructed in an orgy of lies, chaos and death. This monster’s dying throes will be terrible to behold, but do not doubt the historical significance of the events playing out before us. Future generations will thank those who had the courage to face the dragon and slay it with the sword of truth.

As a songwriter, I turn phrases for a living. I’ll leave you with this one: From seeds of doubt, flowers of truth will sprout. Be strong, brothers and sisters. We shall prevail!"

Prof. Steven Jones, one of the 9/11 conspiracy physicists, may appear with Rosie O'Donnell on The View to talk about World Trade Center 7.

 Images April2007 040407Gibson2After Rosie's unexpected advocacy of 9/11 conspiracy theories, (or the even worse offense of Asking Questions) a barrage of ad hominem attacks has come from the mainstream media. For example the creepy FOX moron John Gibson went on about it. The Alex Jones crew responded accurately:

Rosie O'Donnell has never publicly stated that 9/11 was an inside job, which underscores the abhorrent climate that we are in - that she is being castigated, threatened with a campaign to have her fired and even executed for simply asking questions about 9/11!

Yep. Of course the attacks actually undermine the Establishment's interest in burying the story: they're just calling more and more attention to it, which they usually studiously avoid altogether. Rosie asked her queries about WTC7, which of course remains the weirdest anomaly in the events of September 11. As yet no one in the mainstream media has been willing to actually examine WTC7 on its merits, and Bill O'Reilly for example always reins in his guests when they start discussing the actual questions, rather than ad hominem attacks.

 Images April2007 030407Website

Stop Rosie.com has a big petition against Disney-ABC with many cheesy fake names on the petition.

Bill O'Reilly, surprisingly accurate JFK conspiracy theorist! I thought this was funny, a letter from a 9/11 Truthinator to BillO pointing out this marvelous old clip from Inside Edition, wherein O'Reilly dwells right in the middle of the JFK case! Watch this for serious cognitive dissonance! (Peter Dale Scott on the fruits of comparing 9/11 and JFK)

BillO sez Rosie is a big deal, but her claims - or questions - aren't. Recently Dennis Miller had to admit Charlie Sheen and O'Donnell's career's wouldn't be seriously damaged by their venture into the Tinfoil arena, because the country is split down the middle on 9/11, Miller said!

The latest activist plan: Rallies are planned around the 11th of every month as this funny video indicates (more here):

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