We got a couple global intrigues? Turkish hacker Bluestar, military-industrial veteran, Oklahoma City photog buddy respond

We're running a pretty low-key kind of site here, but it's always interesting how word belts around the world about this little operation, here and there, in unexpected pockets.

We appreciate comments, especially from strange places. How exactly these people ran across my site I have no idea!

Safariscreensnapz011A couple weeks ago I noted bLueStar the "Turkish hacker for Islam," whose page I randomly ran into one day. bLueStar stopped by to respond with one thoughtful remark:

bLueStar // For Turkish Hacker


Turkey is details : http://www.kultur.gov.tr/EN/Default.aspx?17A16AE30572D313D4 AF1EF75F7A79681D 9DD78D03148A6E

New Index : http://www.kelebekforum.org/hacked.html

// bLueStar

The recent story about corrupt USIS military contractors murdering Col. Ted Westhusing - and the shady dimensions of the security clearance system - garnered this anonymous comment from a veteran of the military-industrial complex:

Good Post.

USA Today has recently reported in its Washington Section that the CIA plans to utilize more open sources and blogs in its intelligence work and outsource more of its intelligence software development to commercial contractors in an attempt to re-establish itself as the premiere world intelligence agency.

The "Strategic Intent" is posted on the CIA public web site.

Defense Industry Daily further reports that General Electric is gobbling up Smith's Industries for $4.8B. [link]

I am a 2 tour Vietnam Veteran who recently retired after 36 years of working in the Defense Industrial Complex on many of the weapons systems being used by our forces as we speak. Let's look at this for a moment and do our patriotic duty by reading along with the CIA (after all, they have announced they are reading this blog)

1. The new CIA approach comes exactly at the formation of the agency’s new "External Advisory Board", which consists of the following:

* A former Pentagon Chairman of the Joints Chief who is now a Northrop Grumman Corporation Board Member

* A deposed Chairman of the Board of Hewlett Packard Corporation (HP)

* A Former Deputy Secretary of Defense who now heads up a Washington think tank with Henry Kissinger

2. Northrop Grumman Corporation and Hewlett Packard are two huge government contractors in the Pentagon and CIA custom software development arena. Their combined contracts with the government just for IT are in the multiples of millions. I wonder what the advisory board is filling the CIA's ear with?

3. Washington "Think Tanks" are fronts for big time lobbies, sophisticated in their operations, claiming non-partisanship, but tremendously influential on K Street. If a lobby cannot buy its way in, why not sit on the advisory board?

4. GE already has the military aircraft jet engine market. In buying Smith's, it takes one more major defense corporation out of the opposition and further reduces the government's leverage through competition. GE now joins the other monoliths such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon with tremendous leverage in the $500B +++ per year defense market.

5. Note the synergy that now exists between the Pentagon and the CIA. Note the influence by the major corporations.

6. Also note the balance in your bank account and your aspirations for the generations of the future. Both are going down.

7. The huge Military Industrial Complex (MIC) continues to march. Taxes and national debt will be forced to march straight up the wall to support it. For further information please see:



Thank you, anonymous military-industrial Vietnam veteran. (he/she posted four times, no doubt because my website is slower than liquid cheese. No harm at all done!!) While I think he's speaking generally about the CIA scanning websites like this, I have traced openly identified (via DNS/IP#) CIA visits to HongPong.com on several occasions. The CIA's IP addresses were and Don't believe me? Look it up your own damn self (or directly, here)!

IP Address : [ relay2.cia.gov ]

ISP : ANS Communications

Organization : Central Intelligence Agency

Location : US, United States

City : Washington, DC 20505

Latitude : 38°89'33" North

Longitude : 77°01'46" West

OrgName: Central Intelligence Agency

OrgID: CIA-1


City: Washington

StateProv: DC

PostalCode: 20505

Country: US

NetRange: -


NetName: OIT-BLK1

NetHandle: NET-198-81-128-0-1

Parent: NET-198-80-0-0-1

NetType: Reassigned

RegDate: 1997-02-11

Updated: 1998-03-30

RTechHandle: ANM3-ORG-ARIN

RTechName: Central Intelligence Agency

RTechPhone: +1-703-874-5401

RTechEmail: edsn@ucia.gov

 Rancho Politics Ok Truck Truck2Finally we have a really mysterious anonymous chestnut about this really strange Ryder truck photo purportedly taken before the Oklahoma City Bombing, an event about which new and strange FBI ties have recently been exposed, we noted. Our anonymous contributor claims that the truck photo was taken in November:

The Camp Gruber Photos were taken by Carl Schiffman in November 1994, NOT April of '95. He was a passenger in a Cessna 172 and was flying over Gruber looking for deer (it was hunting season). I saw the photos when they were developed by him the next week. He had two sets developed and gave me one set which I put in a safe. This was some kind of DoD exercise that occurred in November and enough VIPS watched the exercise to require a set of bleachers to be set up. Any connection to OKC is tenuous at best.

Fascinating material to follow up, details and all. If they aren't related to OKC, why were they duplicated for our commenter's safe?

To Turkish Hacker bLueStar, the anonymous Vietnam vet, and the guy who has copies of the Ryder truck photos in a safe, thanks for stopping by, and best of luck to ya! The HongCorp International Conspiracy Alliance expands....

We had some snags with the Google Analytics but got it fixed last week. Last week's Google search activity leading here was interesting! These search strings got people to HongPong.com last week! I embedded these in an image to avoid messing with Google's behavior!


Pretty sweet eh?

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