Testing Ecto XMLRPC feature, inching towards exposing a vast international drug/nuclear/9-11 conspiracy, etc.

An unusual week for me, but a good one for adventures and job hunting. I was too darn busy to write here, but this week should offer a lot more goodies for the site. Also I have been having a weird tingly sensation in my wrists, which could be the long-awaited precursor to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I am taking some glucosamine and using a wrist support on the keyboard, which should help. However, this discouraged me from writing all week.

Interestingly, I have been checking around the Sibel Edmonds case, and have heard some very intriguing things, confirming some rather impressive allegations of espionage and shady business among the neo-cons. While I really need to get my employment all worked out, I definitely want to help get the word out on the Edmonds case, which could crack big-time after the election into a meta-scandal rolling in AIPACgate, Chalabi-gate, international drug and nuclear trafficking, the neo-cons, secret September 11 financing and of course Turkish bribes for Dennis Hastert.

I just managed to download the French-only broadcast version of the Sibel Edmonds documentary "Kill the Messenger". It looks really sweet but I will have to rely on a friend for translations. It is available through the eMule filesharing network as something like "[Doc] Sibel Edmonds - Une femme á abattre - Canal plus C+ 19-09-2006". This link may take you to it: ed2k://|file|[Doc] Sibel Edmonds - Une femme à abattre - Canal plus C+ - Planète - 19-09-2006 - fr.avi|735123456|7327D4F88C959D88A0BB2BF32D29A7B4|/

One of the things that Drupal is supposed to do is allow me to do is post via external programs like Ecto, and this post is the first test of that system. I am pretty sure that it doesn't do image uploads, but if I can use Ecto again I will be able to post a lot more, far more easily.

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