In the season

I had a piece in the Mac Weekly on Friday about the technological gap at school and getting some new stuff going on the Internet. People seem to like the idea. I'll post the link when the story becomes available.

The town hall debate went real well for Kerry, and I think he's building a good foundation here. This weekend Alison and I volunteered for Paul Gardner, who's running against Phil Krinkie in the north suburbs. I think it's going really well up there. We put out flyers across Lino Lakes today. The weather was really excellent.

There is a lot of hectic news about the need-blind admissions, and it's all gotten intense on campus. I don't want to even talk about it, save to say that this issue of the Weekly also spells out some of the stuff that has been going on. William Sentell '02, one of the alumni speaking out on the policy conflict, has a site, also at

Right now I don't want to take a swing at this. I hope you all understand. Trying to enjoy the weekend. Too much work on Sunday!

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