Skip town

Get your war on: "Is Operation Iraqi Freedom the most expensive botched thing ever?"

There was a glitch in my email program and anything sent to me in the last 24 hours disappeared, so please resend any messages ya might sent.

I'm going to leave in about an hour, after Dan Schned gets off working at First Ave. Then we are off.

If the last post seemed jumbled and anxious, well, I'm feeling a little jumbled and anxious right now.

The big goal is to get to Peter's grandmother's house by Saturday afternoon, then into New York Saturday night, if it can be done.

Once again, on this trip I can be reached at 651 338 7661 or , and by the email addresses at right, but not while I'm on the road.

I will try really hard to get something up here every day, but it will probably be impossible to do that. Wish me luck!

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