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Brain candy for Happy Mutants
Updated: 31 min 16 sec ago

Can you "hear" flashes of light? Do you have synesthesia? Take a test.

41 min 48 sec ago

Can you "hear" motion or light flashes? If so, according to new research from City University London, you may be experiencing a not-so-rare form of synaesthesia. Synesthesia is the fascinating neurological phenomenon whereby stimulation of one sense involuntarily triggers another sensory pathway. For example, a synesthete might taste sounds or hear colors. (In this study, 8 out of 40 participants, a very high percentage, were considered to have hearing-motion synaesthesia.) Here is their test for you to take yourself. From The Guardian:

(This new study) suggests that many more of us experience a less intrusive version of (synesthesia) in which visual movements or flashes are accompanied by an internal soundtrack of hums, buzzes or swooshes. Since movements are very frequently accompanied by sounds in everyday life, the effect is likely to be barely discernible.

When tested under laboratory conditions, the “hearing motion” effect appeared to enhance a person’s ability to interpret fine visual movements, but also interfered with the ability to hear real sounds when visual and audio signals were mis-matched.

“These internal sounds seem to be perceptually real enough to interfere with the detection of externally-generated sounds,” said Freeman. “The finding that this ‘hearing-motion’ phenomenon seems to be much more prevalent compared to other synaesthesias might occur due to the strength of the natural connection between sound and vision.”

In a separate study, the team tested for the phenomenon in trained musicians and found that it was much more common in the group. It is not clear if this is due to a natural disposition to link sounds and visual cues or whether thousands of hours of training might have strengthened the neural circuitry behind the effect.

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Light turnout for Trump inauguration

1 hour 56 min ago

On the left, Obama. On the right, Trump. I guess no-one could find a dress.

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An analysis of Donald Trump’s election win and the prospects for his presidency

2 hours 2 min ago

Much has been said of Donald Trump's presidency, which begins today with his sparsely-attended inauguration in Washington, D.C. If there's one thing I found insightful and well-geared to the historical context of the moment, however, it's this thoughtful and ruminative longread from Tom Freeman.
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Alien: Inauguration

2 hours 36 min ago

Not sure about Neill Blomkamp's reboot of this classic franchise, but the poster's great! (Who made it?)

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Animated series about Donald Trump's hair from Ferris Plock, Kelly Tunstall, Form & Fiction

2 hours 41 min ago

Day Dreamers Limited -- the artist collective of Kelly Tunstall, Ferris Plock, and creative studio Form & Fiction -- are making an animated series starring Donald Trump's Hair as the protagonist! From Hair to the Throne:

Whenever the President drifts off to dreamland or is too busy Tweeting to notice, The Hair gets to work: undoing Trump’s wrongs, pacifying allies, counteracting hostilities, and unifying a divided nation....

This is not just a show about cheap laughs and making a mockery of our President. The overarching theme is the bipolar and symbiotic relationship between President Trump and The Hair, which together represent our divided nation.

Our plans are to have The Hair engage and challenge not only the characters in the fictional world of Hair to the Throne but in the real world as well. Just imagine for a moment, the delightful Twitter conversations @realTheHair will have with @realDonaldTrump as we hold our President accountable for being elected to the most powerful office in the free world. If every person whose voice was ignored on Election Day gives just one dollar, we will send the world a powerful statement, followed by even more powerful action. Only you can help us turn The Hair into a symbol for hope and democratic responsibility! #HopeIsInTheHair

Support "Hair To The Throne" on Kickstarter!

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Watch soothing waves roll past a ship’s porthole

3 hours 30 min ago

Just in case you need something to calm you down today.

[via Lucy Bellwood]

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Listen to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s catchy salute to The West Wing

4 hours 30 min ago

For The West Wing Weekly podcast, co-host Hrishikesh Hirway created an extended remix of the podcast’s theme song then had West Wing superfan Lin-Manuel Miranda write and record an ode to the Aaron Sorkin series. I'll be listening to this on a non-stop loop for the next four years. You can download both a clean or explicit version of the song right here.

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Trump's budget eliminates Arts and Humanities Endowments, privatizes public broadcasting

4 hours 45 min ago

Conservatives often threaten to cut funding for public arts, humanities, and broadcasting, but will Trump actually do it? White House staffers who have seen Trump's proposal say he doesn't like the National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment for the Humanities, or the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, so he plans to eliminate all three as federal programs. (more…)
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This ASMR of vegetables defrosting may make you shudder with delight

5 hours 43 sec ago

Break out the headphones for this tingly and satisfying sound design of macro timelapse thawing of fruits and vegetables. The visuals are quote appetizing and lovely, but the sounds are what really make it amazing. (more…)

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This sign just about sums it up

5 hours 1 min ago

This is a Photoshop edit rather than an actual church sign, but either way, it hits the nail on the head.

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Enchanting and whimsical papercraft buildings

5 hours 15 min ago

Zim & Zou make these delightful hand-cut paper buildings for their Forest Folks display in Dubai. (more…)

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Activists threw a queer dance party outside Mike Pence’s house on Wednesday

5 hours 29 min ago

Equal parts defiant and celebratory, activists chose to protest incoming Vice President Mike Pence by throwing a queer dance party outside his rented D.C. house. The protest was organized by Werk For Peace, a grassroots organization created in response to the Pulse Nightclub shooting. Founder Firas Nasr told Mic: “The work that we do is about taking our bodies out of the private into the public, using the street as our dance floor to claim space, occupy space to assert we are here and we will dance.” Pence is infamous for his anti-LGBTQ agenda but rather than merely attack him for his bigotry, the protest joyfully celebrated the queer community instead.

When Pence first rented a home in D.C., his neighbors protested his arrival by hanging up rainbow flags. Pence will now move into the Vice President's Residence.

[via Mic]

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Here’s your soundtrack for Inauguration Day

5 hours 30 min ago

Courtesy of YG & Nipsey Hussle.

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Modelmaker creates an abandoned VW microbus

5 hours 34 min ago

Starting with an off-the-shelf model of a VW microbus, Hernandez Dreamphography creates Inner Trip, a diorama of a weathered VW on a wintry field. (more…)

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Watch a snowboarder survive an avalanche with an inflatable backpack

5 hours 34 min ago

LiveLeaker w4chi posted a video of what it's like to survive an avalanche while wearing a special inflatable backpack. (more…)

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Weather phenomenon of light pillars vs. northern lights

6 hours 49 sec ago

YouTuber and photographer Timmy Joe saw spectacular light pillars on an arctic January night from his northern Ontario home. He thought they were northern lights until he went to investigate. It's a totally different phenomenon, as he helpfully explains. (more…)

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This pack of 3 extra-long iPhone cables is just $22

6 hours 25 min ago

Using my iPhone while it's charging is always a hassle. With tucked-away outlets and the meager length of included lightning cables, comfortable scrolling while plugged in is annoying. These 10-Ft MFi-Certified Lightning Cables are super convenient and probably the best iPhone accessory purchase I've made.

At over three times the length of normal cables, these reach anywhere you need from under the bed to behind an office desk. They have MFi certification from Apple, meaning you can charge and sync without worrying about damaging your device. With three included, I keep one at home, one at work, and one in my purse.

For a limited time, get this 3-Pack of 10-ft Lightning Cables for just $22, 75% off the usual price, and never worry about forgetting your charging cable again.

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China's private data-brokers will sell you full dossiers on anyone in the country

6 hours 47 min ago

China is engaged in a bizarre dystopian experiment to use social network ratings to punish political dissidence, "antisocial behavior" and noncomformity, using data pulled from many sources, including purchases on China's major ecommerce networks like Alibaba; but you don't have to be the Chinese government to spy on people with an extraordinary degree of creepy precision: for a very small amount of money, China's private data-brokers will let you spy on anyone in the country. (more…)

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Read: an excerpt from Tropic of Kansas, a spookily prescient comic dystopia about trumpism

12 hours 59 min ago

Christ Brown's debut novel, Tropic of Kansas, will be out in July -- but Brown finished it years ago, long before the darkly comic trumpian political intrigue it envisions became more like factual reporting than satire. (more…)

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