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Brain candy for Happy Mutants
Updated: 1 hour 20 min ago

Fogless Shower Mirror

2 hours 41 min ago
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Punk+ Rare photos from the early days of British punk

3 hours 55 min ago

Punk changed my life when I was a teenager in the late 70s. It wasn’t just the music that I loved (especially The Clash, The Sex Pistols, The Buzzcocks, The Ramones, and X), it was Punk’s DIY aesthetic.

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Arby's new Meat Mountain

4 hours 25 min ago

Arby's, inspired by customers who inquired about a poster in the restaurant depicting a heap of myriad meats, now sells an off-menu "Meat Mountain" piled with various kinds of animal flesh for $10. Here's what's between the buns: Read the rest

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Video: In line at the Burning Man DMV

4 hours 53 min ago

"Before mutant vehicles can hit the open playa at Burning Man, they have to pass an inspection at the Department f Mutant Vehicles," says Boing Boing pal Mark Day, who shot and shared this video. (more…)

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Video: The history of the violin, throughout music history

5 hours 13 min ago

CDZA's latest "The Instrumentals" episode explains the “History of the Violin” through song, with violinist Charles Yang. (more…)

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Islamic State releases video of journalist Steven Sotloff's beheading

5 hours 35 min ago

American journalist Steven Sotloff (Center with black helmet) talks to Libyan rebels on the Al Dafniya front line, 25 km west of Misrata on June 02, 2011 in Misrata, Libya. Sotloff was kidnapped in August 2013 near Aleppo, Syria. Photo by Etienne de Malglaive.

The Islamic State militant group today released a video online that appears to show the beheading of American freelance journalist Steven Sotloff.

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A strangely legal act of public indecency

5 hours 41 min ago
In a public place, a man deliberately exposes a portion of his anatomy to a horrified crowd of men, women, and children. Several children burst into tears and one outraged father almost tackles the man. After the incident the man is dismissed from his job. He receives hate mail and a local newspaper brands him a monster, but there is never any suggestion that he should be prosecuted, and the police are never involved. Why not? Read the rest
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Video: montage of arcades in movies

6 hours 38 min ago

Arcades in movies, 1975-1994. Read the rest

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Police arrest North Carolina man for distributing voting rights leaflets

6 hours 43 min ago

“They said they would charge me for distributing literature...”

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Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition gets it mostly right

6 hours 45 min ago
Peter Bebergal hasn’t been this impressed with anything bearing the D&D name since he first cracked open the original Player’s Handbook in 1978. Read the rest
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Renovation of power station on Pink Floyd "Animals" cover

7 hours 4 min ago
The decaying chimneys atop London's iconic Battersea Power Station, recognizable from the cover of Pink Floyd's Animals (1977) will be "painstakingly" reconstructed to precisely match the originals as the building is turned into shops, offices, and, yep, luxury condos. Read the rest
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Skeptical Side-eye Baby

7 hours 9 min ago

I found this baby on Reddit, then met his awesome mom on Twitter. Read the rest

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Kevin Kelly: the Internet has just started

7 hours 25 min ago
Think the heyday of the Web is behind us? At Medium's The Message, our pal Kevin Kelly explains why "in terms of the internet, nothing has happened yet."
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Rare two-headed snake in Turkey

7 hours 52 min ago

A farmer found a two-headed baby snake in north-eastern Turkey. The snake, now at a reptile house, must be fed "small portions" due to its unique anatomy.

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Ukiyoe-fied Star Wars, Super Mario, and anime stars, by Takao Nakagawa

8 hours 5 min ago

Takao Nakagawa,
Ukiyoe Character series 7: STAR WARS Darth Vader," 2014

Japanese illustrator Takao Nakagawa reimagines iconic science fiction, anime, and gaming characters through the traditional aesthetic of Ukiyoe woodblock prints and paintings. Read the rest

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Relistening to Bowie's Pin Ups

8 hours 14 min ago

At Trunkworthy, my pal Gil Kaufman penned an appreciation for David Bowie's "Pin Ups" (1973), his cover album recorded with The Spiders From Mars.

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Born on a commune

8 hours 36 min ago
Over at Vanity Fair, Erika Anderson writes about growing up on The Farm, the famed Tennessee commune founded in 1971: Read the rest
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The Way You Wear Your Hat: Frank Sinatra and the Lost Art of Livin'

8 hours 46 min ago

If Frank Sinatra had written a self-help book Bill Zehme's The Way You Wear Your Hat might very well be it. Mark's recent post of a 1963 interview with Frank brought this great book back to mind.

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Video: Tower Records, 1971

8 hours 48 min ago

Video below of Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, 1971. (more…)

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Temptation, Diana Krall

9 hours 15 min ago

Diana Krall's incredible cover of Tom Waits' Temptation is without compare.

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