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Brain candy for Happy Mutants
Updated: 19 min 40 sec ago

Kitten vs ducklings

4 hours 12 min ago

The grim future of Hello Kitty.

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VPNs: which ones value your privacy?

9 hours 10 min ago

Torrentfreak has published its annual survey of privacy-oriented VPN services, digging into each one's technical, legal and business practices to see how seriously they take the business of protecting your privacy. Read the rest

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First-hand reports of torture from Homan Square, Chicago PD's "black site"

13 hours 37 min ago

In the wake of last week's revelations about Homan Square, the off-the-books "black site" where Chicago PD disappear prisoners for violent, aggressive interrogation, four of the site's victims have come forward to describe the highly racialized human rights abuses at the secret site. Read the rest

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Spontaneous jam: USMC & HS marching band, Mardi Gras

Sun, 2015-03-01 01:52

Matt sends, "video I caught of a spontaneous jam session that happened in front of me at Mardi Gras 2015: A USMC band and a bunch of high school band members met in the streets and suddenly launched into 'St. James Infirmary.'"

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How to turn your mobile display orange for better sleep

Fri, 2015-02-27 19:49

I've been using f.lux on my computers for years. Now I've come up with a way to make my iPhone and Kindle have orange displays, too. Read the rest

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Goodbye, Spock.

Fri, 2015-02-27 19:47

Leonard Nimoy, 1931-2015.


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Motown 25: rebroadcast tomorrow of unforgettable 1983 TV special

Fri, 2015-02-27 19:23

Do you remember when Michael Jackson debuted his moonwalk on the absolutely fantastic 1983 TV special Motown 25 - Yesterday, Today, Forever? That program hasn't rebroadcast since, but on Saturday night, PBS will air it in its entirety. Read the rest

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NASA honors Nimoy

Fri, 2015-02-27 17:35
The beloved “Star Trek” actor's work brought space home to so many millions of fans. Read the rest
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Leaving China – a painted memoir about growing up during WW2

Fri, 2015-02-27 15:52

James McMullan, an illustrator and watercolorist known for his popular theatrical posters for Lincoln Center as well as various children’s book covers, has created a beautiful memoir entitled Leaving China. Read the rest

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Simple sourdough loaves

Fri, 2015-02-27 15:32

With my sourdough starter active and friendly, I've been baking some fantastic bread. I figured you may need something to do with all that starter, while you wait for second recipe in the fried chicken and waffles duo.

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SF Bay Area: Sunday March 1st, Give Me Fiction short story reading show

Fri, 2015-02-27 15:21

This Sunday at Lost Weekend Video in San Francisco, a group of comedians and writers read original short fiction at Give Me Fiction, the literary series hosted by Ivan Hernandez. Read the rest

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Man demonstrates respectable tea-pouring skills

Fri, 2015-02-27 15:21

Is he pouring tea (or some other beverage), or is he stretching putty? [via]

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Man gets life in prison for selling $20 worth of weed to undercover cop

Fri, 2015-02-27 14:25
“Why did you get involved in this crime?” one survey question reads. “To get $5 dollars to get something to eat,” he writes. Read the rest
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Ad-hoc museums of a failing utopia: the store windows of the last days of the USSR

Fri, 2015-02-27 14:16
Photographer David Hlynsky -- American born, Canadian residing, child of Eastern European emigres -- took over 8,000 street photos of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, East Germany and Russia, documenting the last days of ideological anti-consumer shopping, now anthologized in an amazing book. Read the rest
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Faucet dispenses water in pleasing patterns

Fri, 2015-02-27 14:09

Neat faucet. They need work on their marketing copy.

The Swirl Faucet focuses its attention on the flow of the water. It features beautiful flow with intricate swirls, giving you the kind of hand wash that makes you feel like the rich and famous, even if you’re not!


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Gentleman throws brick at a car, brick bounces back and knocks him out

Fri, 2015-02-27 14:04

"Now fair play to him, he gives it a right go." [via]

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Video: Xeni on Maddow on Net Neutrality victory

Fri, 2015-02-27 14:04
Thursday's historic ruling protects major aspects of Net Neutrality under federal law. Our Xeni joined the MSNBC host to share why this is hailed as a victory for open access advocates. Read the rest
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Selfie-taking naked Russian guy in the snow blocks traffic

Fri, 2015-02-27 13:48

Another exemplary Russian video: dashcam, bad tempers, likely vodka abuse, and an abrupt ending leaving you wanting more.

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Music: "The Bird," Morris Day and the Time (1983)

Fri, 2015-02-27 13:31

"I pledge allegiance to the Time"

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Leonard Nimoy, 1931-2015

Fri, 2015-02-27 12:26
The New York Times: "The sonorous, gaunt-faced actor who won a worshipful global following as Mr. Spock, the resolutely logical human-alien first officer of the Starship Enterprise in the television and movie juggernaut “Star Trek,” died on Friday morning at his home in the Bel Air section of Los Angeles. He was 83."

His final posting: "A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. [Live Long and Prosper.]"

Read the rest
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