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Updated: 6 min 51 sec ago

Inside Me: 3D scanning and video mapping the “invisible inner world of an individual”

16 min 37 sec ago
Says filmmaker Dmitry Zakharov, “This project is based on a 3D scan technique that allows me to reproduce an image of my own body as a 3D object in software.” Read the rest
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Got a 1943 copper penny? Don't spend it.

52 min 51 sec ago
World War II pennies were made mostly of steel. Dan Lewis on the rare and oft-faked coppers that made it out of the mint. Read the rest
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Box Brew Kits

55 min 1 sec ago

The Box Brew Kit is set for making beer that doesn't look like something trailer vampires use to distill human blood. And she says I'm hard to shop for!

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Painting: “Cyber Seascape,” Babaroga Vitomirov

2 hours 40 min ago

From Sweden, “Cyber Seascape,” Babaroga Vitomirov. More at Saatchi Art, including prints.

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Airport parking lot says you might die if you don't use their service

3 hours 45 min ago
Boing Boing reader Bryce says: "Check out this apology I received from a crappy outdoor parking lot I use at Burbank Airport. Read the rest
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The Jesus Lizard Book – The story of the ’90s influential and iconic indie-rock band

3 hours 55 min ago

You don’t need to be a fan of The Jesus Lizard or even the indie-rock genre to appreciate what this iconic band accomplished.

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Moon night lights

4 hours 8 min ago

Moon, Galaxy and Earth: $7.68 each -- lots of good reviews, too! (via Canopy) (more…)

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Third boob likely a hoax

4 hours 15 min ago
Plastic surgeons have weighed in on Jasmine Tridevil's claims to have implanted a third breast, and they find it exceedingly unlikely.
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Planning for the apocalypse

4 hours 21 min ago
When it all goes down, where will you move to? What will you do? Me, I'm learning the flute: durable, portable entertainment for the survivors, and an excellent ninja weapon.
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TV anchor explains sweary exit

7 hours 25 min ago
Charlo Greene, the news anchor who left in style by saying "fuck it, I quit!", explains her motivation. [Thanks, Adam!]
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Photos from Stasiland

10 hours 31 min ago

Stasi -- Secret Rooms is a 10-year project by Daniel and Geo Fuchs, who took beautiful, striking photos of the stark interiors of the spaces used by the Stasi, the terrifying secret police from the former East Germany. Read the rest

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Australian PM trades freedom for security, deserves neither

10 hours 39 min ago

Tony Abbot's given a speech warning Australians that the police state is inevitable, saying there would be "more restrictions on some so that there can be more protections for others." Read the rest

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Phantom Manor stretch portrait/princess mashups

10 hours 49 min ago

That Disney Lover's created a set of Haunted Mansion stretch gallery portrait mashups featuring the paintings from Disneyland Paris's Phantom Manor (originals here) and characters from Disney animated features; the Ariel/Ursula one is inspired. Read the rest

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Donate a sock - free house elves!

10 hours 55 min ago

The vintage-y war-propaganda poster imploring you to DONATE A SOCK - FREE HOUSE ELVES! comes in sizes from 8"x10" to 24"x36" ($15-$38) from Entropy Trading Company, who have an extensive line of similar lithos. (via Geeky Merch)

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Tour the solar system by walking around a huge, dilapidated building

11 hours 31 min ago

Becky writes, "Shrinking Space productions have transformed the vast and dilapidated market building at Circus St in Brighton, UK into an audiosphere representing the entire solar system."

When you enter "Mind's Eye" you are given headphones and a ready-tuned hand-held radio.

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Right to complain: fighting back against Roca Labs

13 hours 18 min ago

Pissedconsumer, a website that's being sued by a supplements company called Roca Labs whose diet aids come with terms-of-service that prohibit complaining about them, has filed its opposition to Roca's request for an injunction -- it's quite a read. Read the rest

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Qwerkywriter: a mechanical typewriter keyboard

13 hours 30 min ago

Shipping in summer 2015, Qwerkywriter is a $300 computer keyboard that uses mechanisms that mimic the keys of an old-fashioned manual, mechanical keyboard. (more…)

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Urban living and carbon footprints

13 hours 41 min ago

Patrick Nielsen Hayden uses an exceptionally silly Guardian op-ed about New York City as a "dangerous, intoxicating fantasy of freedom from nature" to extol big cities' environmental virtues: places where no one need own a car; where energy and resource reclamation and recirculation are common; where, in short, we all need to be. Read the rest

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Ray Ozzie's new app reengineers the phone call

Mon, 2014-09-22 23:52

Ex-Microsoft software genius Ray Ozzie's new mobile app Talko is all about reinventing telephony—voice messages and (gasp) conversations—as a collaborative tool; Steven Levy has the story at Medium.

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